5 Fun Activities for Your Family Reunion

Spending time with your family is a blessing … most of the time. Want to know how to make it a blessing all of the time? Schedule fun and engaging activities for your family reunion. That way you won’t be getting on each others nerves all day, you’ll be racing them on the zip line or shooting paintballs at them on our natural fresh air course. 

Need some inspiration? We’ve detailed out some ideas to keep everyone entertained at your family reunion, below.

1.) Team Building Activities

Your family is a team. You never got a chance to try out for the spot, though – your teammates were assigned at birth. But, like a team, you all are stuck together and have to figure out how to best function as a unit. You need to build trust, open lines of communication, and learn to rely on each persons’ strengths, without harping on their weaknesses. 

But if your family is well spread out, like most of ours are, you don’t necessarily get together that much to do all that emotional work. That’s what makes a family reunion such a great opportunity to do team-building and leadership activities with your family. You know what we’re talking about – you’ve probably done them before at work or at school, or even just for fun. But we’re talking about more than just the simple “will you catch me?” trust fall. We’re talking about a high ropes course, a low ropes course professionally-led team-building activities and even a rock-climbing wall! 

Don’t want that kind of adrenaline rush, or want something friendlier for the older relatives that are going to teach the same things? We have workshops you can add to your family reunion experience. One of which is the Communication and Leadership Training. Eliminate Miscommunication & Understand People’s “Buttons” workshop. It’s a hit with families of all backgrounds and sizes!

2.) Play Paintball

Remember how we said you don’t get to choose your family? Sometimes you feel that deeply and you just want to shoot paint at someone until you feel better. You can schedule that at your family reunion, at our paintball course. 

We have all the equipment you need, from body pads to helmets, to guns for a group of up to 10 people at a time. You’ll get to run around our outdoor course, ducking and sneaking a shot at your family members when you think they aren’t looking. It’s all in good fun – but we hear it really helps work out past aggression. Up to 30 people can play per round and games can go up to 90 minutes at a time. We only run paintball when it’s warm(ish) outside, because, believe us, it’s not fun to get hit with a frozen paintball!

3.) Play Laser Tag

Not into shooting actual things? Go the more virtual route and schedule a game of laser tag with your family instead. It’s safer and a better fit for all ages and abilities. Plus, the vests make fun sounds when you hit someone or get hit, and it’s the same type of thrill as paintball. 

Our laser tag course can host up to 40 people and you can play for up to an hour and a half. There are no season caps on this activity, as long as you bring clothes that will work for playing outside!

4.) Embark on a Day Hike

One of the best things you can do to bond with other people and make yourself happier is to be out in nature more. While most of Pali is outdoors (well, as much as you want to be is), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t schedule some on-purpose outside time.Our campus is nestled in the San Bernandino Mountains, which are temperature, safe, and beautiful. We have multiple hiking trails around our facility, ranging in length and difficulty. There’s a trail right for most family members (but probably no one with severe mobility issues, sorry!)

You can schedule this hike whenever you like. We like a mid-afternoon hike, where you can set up a smores activity around the campfire when you get back, to reward everyone for their hard work. Speaking of edible activities, did you know we have a full kitchen and kitchen staff on our property? That’s right – you don’t have to hit a grocery store on the way to our campus. Our staff provides meals, which we can make to fit a wide range of dietary preferences.

a group hiking along a trail

5.) Fly Through the Air

If your family is full of thrill-seekers, why not put out zipline or triple swing on the schedule? They’re a ton of fun and they’re safe for (most) of the family. Age and size guidelines apply. Our zip line is a retreat favorite because 1. It’s fun and 2. It’s a dual zip line. That means you get to race that sibling or cousin you’re always competing with and see who can zip down our 800-foot zip line faster. Must be over 60 pounds to ride and under 285. 

As for the triple swing, that’s just what it sounds like – a swing for three people. But it’s not your typical playground swing, not by a longshot! It’s a mountain swing that goes over and through the trees, giving you views you wouldn’t believe. You must be at least 6 years old and under 250 pounds to ride. It’s a great way to add some thrill to your family reunion and feel like a bird, flying through the air!

Activities for Your Family Reunion

At Pali Retreat not only do we have fun activities for your family reunion, but we have modernized cabins, a kitchen staff, moderate weather, and a campus so beautiful you have to see it to believe it. Instead of dragging your family somewhere like Disney World, bring them out to the California wilderness, which, we promise, doesn’t feel that wild. 

Sound like fun? Talk to someone about setting up your custom family reunion package at Pali Retreat, today!