Dual Racer Zip Line

You’ve never seen anything like this before: Two side-by-side zip lines stretch 800 feet from one mountain ridge to another. Gravity propels you across at speeds you didn’t think were possible. Experience thrilling movement and breathtaking views.

An appropriate experience for adults and children over 60 pounds. The Zip Line is a bucket-list favorite for people at all levels of athletic ability and adventure experience.


Age, Height, and/or Weight Requirements: Riders must be at least 6 years old and able to follow directions. Rider height must be between 3’6” and 7 feet tall. Rider must weigh between 60 lbs. and 285 lbs. All riders must fit securely into a safety harness.

Accessibility and Physical Requirements: Riders must be able to fit their limbs through the safety harness and to safely fasten a helmet. This activity is therefore not suitable for people with certain types of missing or partial limbs or other physical limitations. This is an exhilarating “thrill ride,” and people with heart conditions or other medical considerations should consult with their doctor before riding. Participants must wear closed-toed shoes.