We supply your groups with gear, a referee, and paintballs. You provide the teamwork and action on our two custom-built fields. Each field’s design is different to test your strategic skills and abilities. Maneuver through unique obstacles while coordinating with your team to claim victory. Take your opponents by surprise and rush an undefended forward position or provide critical overwatch to your team. Participants are free to select their own positions and levels of exertion. This allows for varying degrees of athletic skill and abilities. Closed toed shoes required.


Equipment Provided: Pali provides all markers (“paintball guns”) for the activity and fatigues/jumpsuits. Participants may bring their own markers if preferred. Outside markers will checked to verify pressure is at an appropriate level for play.

Seasonal / Weather Restrictions: This activity runs in mild-to-warm weather. Paintballs harden during cold weather and can cause injury. This activity is best in warmer weather and canceled if the temperature dips too much. Available March through October.

Age, Height, and/or Weight Requirements: Participants must be at least 12 years old and able to follow instructions.

Accessibility and Physical Requirements: Be advised that the path to and from the courses consists of trails with uneven terrain.


Minimum Group Size Per Session: 20 Guests

Maximum Group Size Per Session: 50 Guests

Session Length: 3 Hours