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In addition to Pali’s specialty activity guided experiences curated for your group’s interest, Pali Retreat is packed with all kinds of fun things to do.


With 250 acres to explore, Pali Retreat offers miles of hiking trails for all season exploration. We have trails for beginning, intermediate and advanced hikers.


Though board games are experiencing a resurgence, those in the know have always valued the magic of gathering friends around some game pieces for a day or evening of fun. Whether you prefer family game-night classics like Scrabble and Yahtzee, modern classic board games like Settlers of Catan, Pali has just the thing for you, available for check-out. We have games available for a wide variety of group sizes. Board games have always been a rainy-day favorite for our younger campers, but the grown-ups can attest that any weather’s the right weather for games with friends. Finally, enough people to play Bridge all in one place!


Pick up one of our trail maps and go for a walk in woods. With many trails to choose from on our 274 mountain acres, you’ll find one (or several!) walks and hikes to suit your group’s interests. Enjoy the plant and animal life of the San Bernardino Mountains, and take in the stunning geographical features of the natural surroundings. Our trails are a beautiful experience in all seasons. However, for safety reasons, we do close the trails in the event of lightning. 


Accessibility Note:

The trails have several levels of intensity to choose from, and can be suitable for people with many types of injuries, mobility impairments, and disabilities. However, all of our trails are through an unpaved, natural environment. The terrain is, unfortunately, not ideal for wheelchair users. If you let us know the needs of your group, we can help point you towards the best terrain for your group’s abilities.


Deepen your understanding of the natural environment as you explore the grounds of Pali Mountain. Identify plants, mammals, insects, and birds with our local species identification kits. This activity can take you deep into the mountain trails or just as far as your porch. With so much to explore at Pali, there’s no limit to what you can uncover when you take in the unique ecology of the San Bernardino Mountains. This is a great activity for large groups, or for individuals who need to get away from their large groups for a little time with nature. You can explore almost anywhere within our 274-acre retreat, though many outdoor areas may be closed in the event of lightning for safety reasons.


Grab a bag of duck feed from the front desk and head over to Pop’s Pond to relax, unwind, and feed our hungry ducks. Keep an eye out for our resident fowl, Darkwing, a mallard/domestic duck mix, and Cardi Beak, our Pekin duck. You may even spot the itinerant Great Blue Heron, who likes to hang out in the pond from time to time. Fun for all ages and group sizes, and heartily welcomed by all ducks.


We’ve got a basketball court and some basketballs! You provide the competitive spirit that combines the two. Whether you and your group are interested in a friendly game of Horse or you’ve got full teams with long-standing rivalries, you’re welcome to take it to the court. Play as long as you like, but we ask that campers move indoors by 11pm for noise considerations.


Our field yearns to be run upon. Bring your whole group and check out your necessary frisbees or ball from the front desk. Ooh, or maybe you could play Capture the Flag! With the Field at Acorn Hollow and a few friends, you’ve got plenty of great options for outdoor play. Depending on how serious you plan to get out there, you may want to bring padding or other gear from home.


We have four forest gazebos here at Pali. We don’t know for sure, but that’s probably at least three more forest gazebos than you have at your house. Ideal for picnics, small group work, or just hanging out and enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest. Note: for safety reasons, trails to the gazebos will close in the event of lightning.


While Pali isn’t short on scenic vistas from the ground, the pro move is to check out the view from the Overlook, the Treehouse, or the Water Tower. Each of these spots is great for a picnic, for small group work, for board games, or for just checking out the awesome sunset. Note: outdoor viewing areas will close in the event of lightning.


Gaga Ball is fun for everyone, and we’ve got a dedicated Gaga pit for all your Gaga needs! Reminiscent of dodgeball, in this modern classic game, players compete as teams or as individuals, hitting the ball at other players in an attempt to eliminate them. If a ball hits a player below the knee, that player is out. When there are only two players left, it becomes a showdown to see who will be the one true ruler of the pit. All you need for all this fun is to grab a ball and to meet your posse at the Gaga Pit.


Any meeting room can become a movie theatre in no time. Our staff will get all your equipment set up so that your group can unwind with a film or get serious with some training videos. Whatever you choose to watch, you’ll be in a cozy environment with great sound and high-quality picture.

These free, self-guided activities are available to all groups and are included in your stay. Let us prepare a custom proposal package including meals and lodging in one of our beautiful cabins. To learn more about our seasonal rates or to book your group’s experience, call our sales team at 909-939-0885 or email us at


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