Family Camp – Planning Details

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Waiver and Memorandum of Understanding

We hope you’re getting excited about visiting! The next step is to complete our online waiver for everyone attending in your group, including children. Please read our Memorandum of Understanding which reviews some of the changes we’ve made to our program to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 while you are with us.

Activity Selection

Once you’ve completed the waiver, please call our office at 909 867 5743 to speak with a staff member and select your family’s activities. We will confirm any dietary restrictions for your guests at this time.

Preparing for Family Camp:

Weekend Schedule: Plan on arriving to Pali around 3pm, we will check your family in and get you off your first activity at 4pm.

Your personalized schedule will be provided at check-in. Saturday will be a full day of activities and meals will be provided from Friday’s dinner up to breakfast on Sunday when we send you on your way!

Weather: The majority of our days enjoy beautiful California sunshine, but we find it is best to be prepared for all types of weather. The temperatures drop at night, so be prepared with long pants and a sweatshirt or jacket.

We have been experiencing 70-80 degree days, with nights dropping down to the 50s. As we are located at 6,400 feet above sea level, we experience stronger UV rays and recommend packing lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and other things to keep you protected.

Check online for current weather forecasts:

Packing: We will be active throughout the weekend, so please bring comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes. Guest will need to bring their own bedding and toiletries, beds are twin sized and can take either sheets/blanket or a sleeping bag.

Packing List: (Link for printable version)

  • Pillow and bedding for a twin bed (sleeping bag or sheets and a blanket.)
  • 2x changes of clothes including jacket or layers for the evening
  • Socks and shoes (closed toed shoes are required for all activities.)
  • Bath towel, hand towel and personal toiletries
  • Lip balm, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses
  • Water bottle and day bag
  • Flashlight
  • Any games or down time activities your family wants to bring!

Directions: Aside from using our physical address, you can search your GPS for Pali Retreat or Pali Adventures. We are located right off Highway 18 in Running Springs. If you have any issues with your GPS systems, written directions are also available online.

Pali Retreat
30778 Highway 18
Running Springs, CA 92382

The Elephant in the Room: Please remember that we are in a time of physical distancing. We are excited to be able to share Pali with you this summer, but our first priority is to make sure that we are keeping both you and the Pali Retreat team safe during your trip.

Now is a great time to have conversations with your children and family to prepare them for how this trip will look different than previous vacations. Please bring an appropriate number of masks for each family member to wear as needed during the trip.

Fine Print:

Unnecessary/ Prohibited Items: To avoid the loss of valuable items, we strongly suggest that expensive items and electronics remain at home. We cannot guarantee any of these items’ safekeeping and will not replace them if lost. We also do not allow food or candy in the cabins in order to prevent pests.

Pet Policy: Pali is a pet-free facility, please leave all family pets at home with the exception of service animals.

Any other questions? Feel free to give us a call at 909-867-5743