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Show Your LOVE For A Tree


There is no better way to celebrate National Love a Tree Day on May 16 than to head to the forest.  Trees are celebrated on this day and recognized for their wonderful contributions to our world.

At Pali Retreat, our guests surround themselves with nature in the San Bernardino Mountains.  They participate in activities and appreciate the longevity of trees which can live to be several thousand years old.

Did you know the tallest known tree is the Hyperion at 379 ft. tall.

Trees provide more than just beautiful landscapes and a shady canopy on a sunny day. They play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate as well as provide oxygen and trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Trees are a vital part of nature.  This is a good day to plant a new tree or spend some time enjoying the beauty of the trees that are all around you. Use #LoveATreeDay to post on social media.

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