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#Optoutside - Will You Go Out With Us?

Craig Emerson | Pali Mountain Marketing Coordinator

"Last year we started a movement for people to reconnect outdoors over the holidays. We closed on one of the most popular shopping days of the year, paid our 12,000+ employees to spend time outside, and invited America to join us. The response was overwhelmingly positive. More than 1.4 MILLION PEOPLE and 170 organizations chose to #OPTOUTSIDE." REI CO-OP

With a growing movement started just over one year ago, an amazing response of over 6 million people opted in to #optoutside in 2016. It started with one Black Friday call for people to spend their time outdoors rather than shopping. Consumers were encouraged to do anything outside:  running, hiking, kayaking, skiing and much more, and the people responded, showing they preferred 'experiences' over 'material goods’.
The campaign continues. You can choose to #Optoutside every day.  "It's not just a rallying cry. It's an everyday choice," according to REI.

Just as REI wants the world to choose the outdoors, Pali Retreat offers an #optoutside getaway. Whether you and your group are looking for a corporate team building, group adventure or just want escape the concrete jungle, a Pali Retreat can remind you of all of the benefits of opting to be outside.

“Your Group. Your Adventure.” Pali Retreat. The mountains are calling!