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A Retreat Can Be the Jumpstart to Something Greater

Are there changes happening within your church? Are there new members wanting to join your church? If there are new and exciting changes, a retreat is a great kick off event!
Member of the church can meet one another. A retreat provides the opportunity for ice breakers and bonding that would be missed by just attending events. Even if group members are familiar with each other, retreats can attract new parishioners who may be interested in a deeper connection to the congregation.  

Retreats are welcoming events.  Retreats are a starting point to join the program/group without feeling fully committed. A retreat invitation, as well as the retreat itself, can help to let people know that you want them here and they are welcome.
Try before you buy.  Retreats give attendees a better understanding of what they are getting involved in. During a retreat, you can to deeper, provide more information and allow interested congregants a taste of programming, the community and all of the opportunities. With a better understanding, they can make an informed decision as to their future participation.  
Event kickoff ideas:
  • Back to school
  • Start of fall
  • New Bible study series
  • Revamp of youth group or Sunday School
  • New church group
  • Special event
  • Introduce new congregants or clergy
  • Facilitate a deeper discussion on a topic or theme
If your church is looking to start something new, try an off-site retreat getaway to kick start it on the right foot.
About Pali Retreat-
More than just a beautiful location, Pali Retreat is dedicated to creating a personalized retreat for your group. Our expert-led outdoor adventures are planned by qualified, attentive staff and tailored to meet your needs. Our conference center is perfect for groups of all types, from small group gatherings of a few dozen people to full corporate retreats.  We have over a decade of retreat planning experience and are ready to assist you in creating the perfect retreat.